Last year, when I needed to get away from the Arsenal, re-watching Friends was my source of comic relief. This season I decided to switch it up and go on a Big Bang Theory marathon. It helped, to some extent. But how much ever I delve into it, I cannot get away from the seemingly […]

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Chat shit get banged.

It’s the 10th. The 10th. The Euro’s are starting and it doesn’t get much better for football fans. Competitive international football for a whole month? Hell to the yes. Well, there are only a few hours to go till France and our superstar striker “Le Lamposte” kick off against Romania. So I thought before we all […]

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We’re smiling for once

It’s been a disappointing season. We can all agree on that, but the final game was special. The Emirates was buzzing because on the day it didn’t matter if you were an ‘AKB’, a ‘WOB’ or couldn’t give two hoots about who the manager was, all that mattered was that you hated Tottenham. Ah Sp*rs, what can I […]

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2016-17 please?

I cannot wait for next season. We’ve got another game left but I wish we didn’t. Our whole season has just petered out in the most drab way possible. So much promise, and now we’re just sort of hanging about in mediocre nothingness. Yes, we secured our Champions league spot but it doesn’t mean much […]

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Two moments of magic from Alexis Sanchez, a little but of luck and 3 points. I’ve missed this. I didn’t write a post last time because I was quite frankly speechless. The way we capitulated was ridiculous. I mean how? what?why? WHAT? Anyway, the Palace abomination meant we slipped back into the familiarity of 4th, […]

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We bottled it again. We bottled it agaaiiiiinnnn, We’re Arsenal FC, We bottled it again.

Catchy isn’t it? they should make it an anthem or something. Ugh. First off, as annoyed as I am with Arsenal, credit to West Ham. They showed the world that the hype around them and a certain Frenchmen (not that I care, because WE’VE GOT ÖZIL) is justified. They fought hard and showed incredible determination. […]

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Miracle? Possible? Lol?

I’m late with my post again. I have two legit reasons though. Actually, one legit reason and the other’s an excuse. Firstly I wanted to wait until after Leicester had played before i wrote anything and secondly I had an exam yesterday. It was sort of important, priorities and all. So for the first time […]

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